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Who Loves Arwen?

Lynn Hamlin

Vice President, Infomercials at Telebrands Corp.

Arwen is an incredibly talented producer and director. I have worked with her for over 15 years and many commercials. She brings a great creative aesthetic to her work as well as a diligence that is not seen so much anymore. She is on top of everything and "gets it done". We have shot a number of very complicated productions with her recently and she managed to deliver them on time under trying circumstances. They were excellent productions on all levels - looked fantastic, edited excellently and perfect examples of great DRTV. And they proved to be BIG winners - that is what really matters. In addition to the above, she is a pleasure to work with!

Sarah Stone

Creative Director / Editor at Thinking Tree Media

Arwen is very detail-oriented and has a great voice for VO. I've had the pleasure of working with Arwen for over 8 years and she has proven to be an excellent manager and producer.

Bonnie Brennan

Owner at Bsquared Media

Arwen is fantastic. She is smart and creative and always has thee BEST ideas! As a writer, producer and director she has MAD SKILLS (i have watched her in action often and she is impressive) and then there is her voice - which is spot on perfect every read so you have a hard time picking the best because they are ALL great. Arwen is a true professional and at the top of her field.

Jon Nokes

CEO at Smart Inventions, Inc.

Arwen is quite simply one of the most talented people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with--and I've worked with quite a few in my time! Great attention to detail, lots of innovation, and like Clint Eastwood in his directing roles, she always brings in the project on time and within the budget! She is the queen of Direct Response productions!!

Bill Mills

Director of Photography

Working with Arwen and Sullivan Productions has been a great experience. Arwen is a seasoned professional with an exception eye for detail. As a cinematographer it is a pleasure to work with someone of her talent. All the best, Bill Mills

Matt Peterson

Founder at Civic Coffee & Marketing Expert

Arwen and the successful production work she does is a constant in the ever changing Direct Response TV landscape. I have worked with Arwen for years and she is a great Producer & Director, as well as being the Voice Over Talent in most of the Sullivan Productions. Arwen is a pleasure to work with and has a track record a mile long of successful DRTV spots under her belt.

Paula Peterson

Broadcast/Film Editor

I would recommend Arwen to anyone; she is an amazing talent! She is incredibly hard working and as thorough as anyone I have ever collaborated with. She has the perseverance and understanding to work through nearly any issue that comes from pre-production through the finishing stages of the post-production process. She is detail oriented, dependable and really takes the time to get to know the intricate details about her client's needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations. Arwen's wide range of skills makes her worth on the job second to none!

Shawn Cheyne

Owner / Operator of Boxcar Productions, The Peachy Rooster & Partner / Executive Producer at Reaction DRTV Inc

Arwen is an extremely creative, intelligent and hard-working producer/director who knows how to create highly effective and memorable shows. She is a consummate professional and a complete joy to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Mark DiGiacomo

A seasoned creative strategist, thought-leader and designer. Entrepreneurial track-record with proven results.

Arwen is a highly capable professional who places the highest standards at the forefront of her energetic efforts. The depth and breadth of her expertise producing, directing and creatively managing the production pipeline are respected by serious players and talent in the world of television advertising and production. To top it off, Arwen has the annoying habit of being nice AND cool, on top of being a no-nonsense talent in her field. Go figure, but she pulls it all off to great success, and the results demonstrate that handily. Work with Arwen, and you can trust you're with the best.

Giuseppe Landolfo

Director, Television & Media Production at Telebrands Corp.

Arwen is the type of person you want in your corner. She's fast, hardworking and precise. Nothing ever falls through the cracks when Arwen's involved. I've been working with Arwen since 2010 and we've worked on many successful campaigns that have resulted in millions of dollars in sales. Simply put, she's a talented person! From script to screen, she's an intricate part of Sullivan Productions and I just adore working with her.

John Clarke

Audio engineer at John Clarke Audio

I have worked with Arwen in some way for what is getting close to 20 years. As Voice talent she has the ability to auto correct as she reads. If we have to read twice it's usually my fault or a jack hammer across the street. Producing and Directing she is the most organized and forward-thinking person I have ever met. I highly recommend.

George Karakatsanis

Helping disrupt senior living through innovative product selection

Arwen was one of the most talented and detailed Producers I have ever had the pleasure of working with in this industry. She is focused on and supportive of her client and their vision while offering positive additions based on her years of valuable experience.

Mary Jane Heath

Actress, Voice-Over Talent, Script Supervisor, Writer

Arwen Saxon is the ultimate professional in her business. She is detailed and has an eye like no one else. I have worked with her for almost ten years at Sullivan Productions and I have never known anyone who is such a powerhouse. It is my belief that she has broken world records of filming eighteen quality national/international commercials in three days. Her turn-around time from filming to delivery is unsurpassed. Arwen can bring out the best performance in actors and crew. Her composure and problem-solving skills are tops. Clients like her and know they can always count on her to bring their vision alive on screen. She is an incredibly talented writer, producer, director, on camera and voice-over talent. Her many awards reflect other professional’s recognition and respect. Arwen never ceases to amaze me. I am proud to be on her team. Many people aspire to her level. There is no one better in the business than Arwen Saxon!